Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's 1am!!

Hi all,

Yes, it's 1am and every night this week the party in the puppy room starts around 12:30-12:45am!! They think it's time to get up and Pawty!! So, Bella and I go in and join them. Bella feeds them (also to distract them) while I pick up the used potty pads and put down fresh ones. Plus change any towels or bed pads that they decided to use. Then it's play, play, play until they fall asleep...

So, I thought I would share our Friday night Pawty!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

Kerri, Bella and the Spacey 11!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Light Blue Girl

Light Blue Girl - 7/5/10

Grey Girl

Grey Girl - 7/5/10

Hot Pink Girl

Hot Pink Girl - 7/5/10

Brown Boy

Brown Boy - 7/5/10

Light Pink

Light Pink Girl - 7/5/10

Purple Boy

Purple Boy - 7/5/10

Green Boy

Green Boy - 7/5/10

Yellow Boy

Yellow Boy - 7/5/10

Orange Girl

Orange Girl - 7/5/10

Red Boy

Red Boy - 7/5/10

Blue Boy

Blue Boy - 7/5/10

An Update!

Hi all!

Finally new pictures of the babies! They're growing like weeds! They're all eating puppy gruel 3 times a day!! But of course Bella is feeding them too.

Last Friday was their 1st day outside. We have put together an outside pen under an ez up and they spend their afternoons outside with Bella. They love running around in the grass, then poop out and sleep. heehee

They even did great on the 4th of July!! Here in Lakewood safe and sane fireworks are legal. So we had quite the firecracker night! They slept through it all! Yay!!!

Finally, they're at the age that they can have visitors!! More the merrier!! This is an important time for them to see several people. Men, women, kids, men and women in hats, wearing glasses, sunglasses, using a walker, using crutches, in wheelchairs, you name it, they need to be exposed to it in their controlled environment.

So, if you would like to come help socialize the pups and even help with some puppy chores, please email me! My email address:


Kerri, Bella and the Spacey 11!!