Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Who's Your Daddy??

I thought I would introduce Flint. Flint is the daddy of the Space Litter. He is a gorgeous AKC'd black lab. He has the best temperament. He's also Delta certified. (Yes, an intact male Delta certified!!) Those that don't know about Delta, they certify for therapy dogs.

He is also the daddy of the Game's Litter. (Full lab litter, born May 21, 2009)

I want to thank Laurie Lane, Flint's breeder caretaker for taking such good care of him!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

3 weeks old!

Hi all!

Sorry, it's been a week since my last update. These days (and nights) time fly's right on by!! Wait...it can't fly by without another load of laundry!! There's been a lot of that lately...and soon to be more next week when they start eating puppy mush!

All of the pups are doing great! Their eyes are open, they are walking (and kind of stumbling) around the whelping box. They are getting so big! It's getting crowded in that whelping box! But when mom comes in for feedings and snuggle time the seas part and there's enough room for the her (aka. the lunch truck).

Since the theme of the litter has been announced Henry (my husband) has re-decorated the puppy room with Space Posters. The pups can now study the planets, metors and stars in their spare time. heehee

Until next time!

Kerri, Bella and the spaced out 11!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Light Blue Girl...

Last but not least...Our surprise girl!
She's doing great!

Birth Weight: 14 oz
Last Saturday's Weight: 15 oz
This past Saturday's Weight: 1 lb 10z
Today she doubled her birth weight
Today she weighed: 1 lb 13.5 oz

Grey Girl...

Ha Ha...She's actually Black, not grey... (sorry, it's late and I'm getting loopy!)
She is also doing very well.

Birth Weight: 13 oz
Last Saturday's Weight: 15 oz
This past Saturday's Weight: 1 lb 10 oz
She doubled her birth weight on Saturday
Today she weighed: 1 lb 12.5 oz

Hot Pink Girl...

She is doing great!

Birth Weight: 14 oz
Last Saturday's Weight: 1 lb .5oz
This past Saturday's Weight: 1 lb 12 oz
She doubled her birth weight on Saturday
Today she weighed: 1 lb 14.5 oz

Brown Boy...

He may be smaller, but he's still keeping up with the

Birth Weight: 10.5 oz
Last Saturday's Weight: 14 oz
This past Saturday's Weight: 1lb 4 oz
Yesterday he doubled his birth weight
Today he weighed: 1 lb 7 oz

Light Pink Girl...

Whew! Half way done...
She is also doing wonderful!

Birth Weight: 13.5 oz
Last Saturday's Weight: 14.5 oz
This past Saturday's Weight: 1 lb 8.5 oz
Tomorrow she will be at double her weight
Today she weighed in at: 1 lb 10.5 oz

Purple Boy...

Another nice size boy and doing great! Right now he is the closest in color to momma Bella.

Birth Weight: 14 oz
Last Saturday's Weight: 14.5 oz
This past Saturday's Weight: 1 lb 9.5 oz
Today he doubled his weight
Today he weighed in at: 1 lb 13 oz

Green Boy...

Another big boy! And doing great!
Birth Weight: 15 oz
Last Saturday's Weight: 1 lb 2.5 oz
This past Saturday's Weight: 1 lb 14 oz
He doubled his birth weight on Saturday
Today's weight was: 2 lb 1 oz

Yellow Boy...

He is a bit smaller, but still doing awesome!

Weight at birth: 12.5 oz
Last Saturday's weight: 13.5 oz
This past Saturday's weight: 1 lb 5.5 oz
He will be at double his weight tomorrow
Today's weight was 1 lb 8.5 oz

Orange Girl...

(I know I'm repeating myself...But, I'm just amazed how great this entire BIG litter is doing!!)

She is doing wonderful!
There I changed a word ;)

Birth Weight: 15 oz
Last Saturday's Weight: 1 lb 1 oz
This past Saturday's Weight: 1 lb 15.5 oz
She doubled her weight on Saturday
Today she was 2 lb 2 oz

Red Boy...

Red is also doing great!

Birth Weight: 16 oz
Last Saturday's Weight: 1lb 1 oz
This past Saturday's Weight: 1 lb 14.5 oz

On Sunday he doubled his weight since birth!
Today he is 2 lb 4 oz!!!!

Blue Boy...

Hi all,

Blue boy is doing great! Gaining weight like a champ!

Birth Weight: 15 oz
Last Saturday's Weight: 15.5 oz
This Past Saturday's Weight: 1 lb 10oz

As of today he has doubled his weight since birth!
Today he weighed: 1 lb 14.5 oz

Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Photos...

Hi all,
We were taking some pics of the pups and Bella today and I thought I would share....
The first picture is of Bella sitting patiently in her whelping box as Henry, Michelle (Henry's sister) and I had just cleaned the whelping box and her pups were in the warming box. She was staring at the whelping box like, "ok, my box is clean, I've eaten, gone potty now give me my puppies!" heehee
The second picture is of 2 of the black boy's 'trying' to escape the warming box as we were weighing everyone. You can see Bella in the background looking like a concerned momma...
The last picture is a very satisfied momma Bella with all her pups!
They are growing on a daily basis! Bella is feeding them all of the time. This coming week their eyes should be opening! Today they don't look as sealed shut as they did last week. It looks like the glue is wearing off. heehee
We also took our weekly individual pictures today. Hopefully tomorrow I will get them posted with all of the weights.
Stay tuned!!
Kerri and Bella

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Well, the pups had a couple of first's in the past couple of days.

The experienced their first earthquake...Actually we had two. Bella and Zim didn't even react to the ground shaking.

They had their first nail clipping. I can't believe how long their nails were getting and they were only 5 days old at the time!

My grandma came over to get a glimpse of the new pups. She was so excited to see all of them! That's all she's been talking about for the past couple of weeks. She says she's a great grandma again! ha ha!
The pups are all doing extremely well and gaining weight like champs!!

Kerri & Bella

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Momma Bella...

Now that the whelping is done, it's been a couple of days and today was really warm, so Bella got a well deserved bath!

She is doing awesome with all of her pups! She spends all her time in the whelping box, with the exception of running outside to go potty and to drink lots of water. She has even been eating in the whelping box. She is such a good momma! She LOVES her babies!!

Light Blue...

We thought we were all done... High 5's all around...

10 healthy puppies, Bella is doing good...She just needs to pass some placenta's that didn't come out yet... I had just called Sandy to give her the good news. Bella was contracting, but we 'thought' they were placenta's.... Cathy then said, "it's another puppy!" I hung up on Sandy (Sorry, Sandy!!) Threw my phone across the room, just in time to catch the last puppy!

Light Blue came into the world at 4:31pm! Our surprise puppy!

Yellow in color (actually almost white!) A Girl!

She weighed 14.0oz
Today she weighs 15.0oz
She is doing good!

Picture taken today...


Grey came into the world at 4:20pm...

A Black Female!!! Wow!

She weighed 13 oz.
Today she weighs 15.0z
She is doing good!

Picture taken today...

Hot Pink...

Hot Pink came into the world at 3:54pm...

Yellow in color... Girl!

Born at 14.0 oz
Today she weighs 1lb 0.5oz
She is doing good!

Picture taken today...


Came into the world at 3:36pm...

Yellow in color...Another Male!

Born at 10.5oz
Today he weighs 13.5 oz!
He is doing good!

Picture taken today...

Light Pink...

Light Pink came into the world at 2:20pm...

Yellow in color Female!!
Born at 13.5 oz
Today she is at 14.5 oz
She is doing good!

Picture taken today...


Purple came into the world at 1:58pm...

Yellow in color Male... Wow look at
all of the boy's!! Last time it was a lot
of girls!

Born at 14.0 oz
Today he weighs 14.5 oz
He's doing good!

Picture taken today...


Green came into the world at 1:27pm...

Another black boy! Amazing!!

Born at 15 oz.
Today he weighs 1lb 2.5oz
He's doing good!

Picture posted today...


Yellow came into the world at 1:11pm...

Another black boy!!! Go Daddy Flint!

Born at 12.5oz
Today he is 13.5 oz
He's doing good!

Picture taken today...


Orange came into the world at 11:54am...

Yellow in color and a female

Born at 15 oz.
Today her weight is 1lb 1oz.
She is doing good!

Picture taken today...


Red came into the world at 11:30am...

Another black boy pup! Wow!!

16 oz at birth...
Today 1lb 1oz
And doing good!!

Picture taken today...


Blue came into the world at 11:04 am...

To our surprise a black boy came into the world!! They are Flint puppies!!

He was 15 oz at birth...
Today he is 15.5 oz...
and doing good!!
Picture taken today...

The Colors...


As someone has asked, we have a specific order on how we color coat our puppies.

We wanted to keep track of the pups that are whelped into the program. So we came up with a color code. Here it goes...

We started with Blue... For Canine Angels (of course!)

Then I thought let's go with colors of the Rainbow.. So then, we chose..

Hmmm...where do we go from here??
Light Pink
Then Henry got involved (for those that don't know he is colored blind!!)
Hot Pink
Light Blue
Lime Green
(I hope we don't have a litter with more than 15 puppies!!) We would have to come up with more colors!

When they are 1st born we put ric rack on them, because they are wet and Bella does a lot of cleaning. Once they are really dry and Bella (or any other momma) is done doing the super cleaning and everyone is settled in, usually the next day we paint them with a non toxic craft paint. At around 6-7 weeks they graduate to their colored collars.

Also, when they're born we note the time, sex, color of the pup (if need be), we weigh them, we note if the puppy came out with a placenta (we need to know this to make sure she delivers all of the placenta's), then if they are delivered breach (feet 1st, there can be a health problem).

So, I'm attaching a picture of the cut ric rack and paint colors that I tested...

To be continued...

The Whelping...

Hi all,

Sorry, I'm having issues with my blog... When I hit the enter/return key it doesn't go anywhere. So, please be patient with me...

Anyway, I'll try to catch you up with what happened on Wednesday, June 2nd. The night before Bella, Zim and I tried to sleep in the whelping room. Bella just did a lot of panting, nesting and having to use the restroom a lot. I noticed around 8:30am, she would pant and then look behind her. (Like did anything come out yet?) So, I got up and started on my chores. Feeding Zim and Dodger (my 16 yr old diabetic cat and ruler of the household!). I knew from the night before Bella wasn't eating so I just tried giving her a cookie...She ate it.

I took her temp and it was down to 98.4. Last litter before she whelped her temp dropped lower. I "thought" she had some more time to go... The girls woke up and told them about out night, Sheila was looking at our notes from her last litter when Bella went outside and threw up. Then, Sheila said, last time threw up and an hour later she delivered her 1st pup. Well, she was about 15 mins off from what she did on her last litter.

She came back in the house and jumped right into the whelping box. We we're sitting there & we decided we better start getting dressed and ready for the big moment. At 10:19am she had her 1st contraction! She and I looked at each other and said "CONTRACTION!"

We went into whelping mode!....
(The picture of Bella is less than an hour before she delivered her 1st pup.)
Continue to next blog...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010



What a day!!! I'm just going to give a quick update now and will fill you in with details probably tomorrow...

Bella whelped 11 puppies!!

4 Black Boys
1 Black Girl
4 Yellow Females
2 Yellow Males


Right now they are nursing and Bella is falling asleep! Me too!!

Kerri & Bella (One happy Momma!!)


Hi all!

We are in the middle of having puppies!! Bella is taking a break at the moment, but so far she has delivered 2 black boys and 1 yellow girl. We're having a lab golden cross litter! 3 down 7 or 8 to go! Everyone is doing well!

More to come!

Kerri and Bella (come on babies!)
Healthy, Happy Working Puppies!!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I forgot her picture!!

Waiting Game...


Well, it's Tuesday and we're still waiting. Sheila & Cath arrived very late Sunday night. Made some final touches on the whelping room and now we wait.

We shaved her belly this afternoon. Because she's a golden she has a lot of fur and "feathers" that get in the way during whelping and afterwards, so it's just easier to shave it.

Her temp is down to 99.1, so we're getting closer! I still think it's going to be on Wednesday, we'll see.

Litter theme is going to be determined when the puppies are born. We have a couple of ideas, but want to wait and see what comes out.

Attached is a photo of Bella taking a nap in the backyard where there was a cool breeze....

Stay tuned!!

Kerri & Bella
Happy, Healthy working puppies!!!