Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bella's Whelping Room


Well, it's Saturday afternoon and Bella's room is ready! Thursday and Friday we emptied out our bedroom, vacuumed and washed down all of the walls and baseboards with pine sol and hot water. Let me tell you, who needs the gym! Just deep clean a room everyday and there's your workout!

Finally it was time to move in the whelping equipment. We laid down the linoleum over our carpet as we would like to keep our carpeting for a couple more years...Once that was down and taped down, I cleaned again with Clorox wipes. Then it was time to put the whelping box together. I took each piece and again cleaned it with Clorox wipes. It was finally looking like a whelping room!

When Henry got done with the whelping box itself Bella jumped in to make sure it still fit. Yep! It will work. Then she noticed some "other dog" must have used 'her box' because there was a few chew marks along the rail. I explained to her that Annie (yellow lab, now retired) borrowed 'her box' when she gave birth to the game's litter. I guess that was a good enough explanation as she just looked at me and walked away.

So, last night I was up until the early hours of morning making sure "EVERYTHING" was wiped down in the supply box and I have all of my supplies in order. Made a list of a couple of things that have expired and need to go out and purchase today. Otherwise, we are ready for puppies!

I've been taking Bella's temperature twice a day to see where she is. Her normal temp is between 100-101. But, at approximately 24 hours before giving birth her temp will drop to about 97-98. That's when we will know we are close. So far, she is holding steady at 100.5.

She is still eating several small meals a day. We are just trying to keep her energy up. Her daily routine is eat a little bit, burp (acid reflux), go out to potty, drink water, come in and take a nap. Then we start all over when she wakes up. Once a day we are still going for a very slow stroll....She still needs to exercise and use those muscles.

Tomorrow afternoon is our family Memorial Day party. Just the family getting together for a BBQ. Bella and Zim will com with us just to hang out. The tomorrow evening Cathy and Sheila will arrive, then we can just sit back and wait for Bella's big day!

I've attached a couple of photo's of Bella in her box and the other is the whelping area.

Stay tuned!

Kerri and Bella (I'm gonna take another nap...)


  1. Wow Kerri! You really have been busy getting ready. Sounds like a lot of work.

  2. It looks great!! Can't wait to hear more news

  3. I just want to know if Henry moved the big screen TV into the whelping room.


  4. Sorry Sheila, we get the old 19" tv in that room...But we do have cable in there!

  5. Not long now! Bella looks like she's ready to pop! Drive safe today Sheila and Cathy! Can't wait to hear about a quick and safe delivery and a lot of big, healthy puppies and one happy healthy momma!

  6. Love the blog...thanks for taking the time to update us when your already doing SO much!

    My friend/neighbor is expecting her labradoodle puppies any time now too. Sonogram showed at least 10 pups. Any idea how many Bella has?