Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Photos...

Hi all,
We were taking some pics of the pups and Bella today and I thought I would share....
The first picture is of Bella sitting patiently in her whelping box as Henry, Michelle (Henry's sister) and I had just cleaned the whelping box and her pups were in the warming box. She was staring at the whelping box like, "ok, my box is clean, I've eaten, gone potty now give me my puppies!" heehee
The second picture is of 2 of the black boy's 'trying' to escape the warming box as we were weighing everyone. You can see Bella in the background looking like a concerned momma...
The last picture is a very satisfied momma Bella with all her pups!
They are growing on a daily basis! Bella is feeding them all of the time. This coming week their eyes should be opening! Today they don't look as sealed shut as they did last week. It looks like the glue is wearing off. heehee
We also took our weekly individual pictures today. Hopefully tomorrow I will get them posted with all of the weights.
Stay tuned!!
Kerri and Bella


  1. She is such a good mama!! Do we have a theme on these little guys yet?

  2. Thanks for the photos - the puppies are so cute and Bella looks like a great mom.

  3. They definitely look like thriving pups:)

  4. Bella is such a good mommy! Are these pups Labradoodles? None of them seem to have curly hair. The last little the pups had the curly hair from birth.
    Hope all continues to go well.

  5. Kerri,
    We loved coming to see you all and the puppies. They are adorable and it makes me so happy to share the experience. We loved having puppies!