Thursday, June 24, 2010

3 weeks old!

Hi all!

Sorry, it's been a week since my last update. These days (and nights) time fly's right on by!! can't fly by without another load of laundry!! There's been a lot of that lately...and soon to be more next week when they start eating puppy mush!

All of the pups are doing great! Their eyes are open, they are walking (and kind of stumbling) around the whelping box. They are getting so big! It's getting crowded in that whelping box! But when mom comes in for feedings and snuggle time the seas part and there's enough room for the her (aka. the lunch truck).

Since the theme of the litter has been announced Henry (my husband) has re-decorated the puppy room with Space Posters. The pups can now study the planets, metors and stars in their spare time. heehee

Until next time!

Kerri, Bella and the spaced out 11!!


  1. I love it! They will be all kinds of educated about thier names by time they get them!

  2. I'm assuming the theme is the solar system. Except for Uranus, Black Hole, and Earth, the names of the planets, constellations, etc. and are pretty cool. Great idea! Glad to see the pups are doing well; they're so cute!

  3. Kerri, great your a great blogger! Very cute entry!

  4. Love the blog posts! Those puppy collars in the background look huge compared to these little babies! It's crazy to think in just a couple more weeks those little pups will need bigger collars then the ones there! :-)