Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Colors...


As someone has asked, we have a specific order on how we color coat our puppies.

We wanted to keep track of the pups that are whelped into the program. So we came up with a color code. Here it goes...

We started with Blue... For Canine Angels (of course!)

Then I thought let's go with colors of the Rainbow.. So then, we chose..

Hmmm...where do we go from here??
Light Pink
Then Henry got involved (for those that don't know he is colored blind!!)
Hot Pink
Light Blue
Lime Green
(I hope we don't have a litter with more than 15 puppies!!) We would have to come up with more colors!

When they are 1st born we put ric rack on them, because they are wet and Bella does a lot of cleaning. Once they are really dry and Bella (or any other momma) is done doing the super cleaning and everyone is settled in, usually the next day we paint them with a non toxic craft paint. At around 6-7 weeks they graduate to their colored collars.

Also, when they're born we note the time, sex, color of the pup (if need be), we weigh them, we note if the puppy came out with a placenta (we need to know this to make sure she delivers all of the placenta's), then if they are delivered breach (feet 1st, there can be a health problem).

So, I'm attaching a picture of the cut ric rack and paint colors that I tested...

To be continued...


  1. Thank you for explaining it! I guess it is the same as the Peanuts litter, I just had the birth order wrong *wink*

  2. What great documentation and organization at such a busy exciting time. Looks like the boys were pushy to get out first. Hard to believe how small they are at birth, thank goodness for Bella. Rollins tipped the scales at 28 lbs at the vet, 16 weeks.