Saturday, June 5, 2010

Light Blue...

We thought we were all done... High 5's all around...

10 healthy puppies, Bella is doing good...She just needs to pass some placenta's that didn't come out yet... I had just called Sandy to give her the good news. Bella was contracting, but we 'thought' they were placenta's.... Cathy then said, "it's another puppy!" I hung up on Sandy (Sorry, Sandy!!) Threw my phone across the room, just in time to catch the last puppy!

Light Blue came into the world at 4:31pm! Our surprise puppy!

Yellow in color (actually almost white!) A Girl!

She weighed 14.0oz
Today she weighs 15.0oz
She is doing good!

Picture taken today...

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  1. Wow! Good job with all the information and pictures, Kerri. Thanks!